Foster a Shelter Pet!

I AM DOG RESCUE, INC is an all-volunteer, foster-based, no-kill, non-profit animal rescue organization based in North Texas. Our primary purpose is to assist homeless and unwanted dogs of all breeds and sizes by providing necessary health care and rehabilitation for them prior to adoption by a loving and responsible forever family. In our efforts, we work with the “rescue community” at large to educate people about the benefit of spay/neuter and the responsibilities and costs of pet ownership to decrease the number of homeless animals. Our volunteers are the life-blood of our mission!

Raise Funds

FLEAS raises funds to provide additional resources to include, training programs, veterinary costs, and  responsible pet ownership.

Promote Animal Adoption

Increasing awareness of the animals in the care of the Shelter by networking and participating in adoption events.

Recruit Volunteers

Dedicated volunteers provide a valuable resource to the Animal Shelter and in in supporting our animal shelter pets.