Help save pets in need.

At FLEAS, our mission is clear: to improve the lives of animals and save more Little Elm animals. We believe every animal deserves love, care and a safe home, and we work tirelessly to make that a reality—But we can’t do it alone.

As a non-profit organization, FLEAS relies on the generosity of individuals like you to help us achieve our goals. Your donations allow us to provide critical support to the Little Elm Animal Shelter and our community, including:

  • Improving the shelter facilities
  • Providing training for adoptable animals
  • Providing a medical fund
  • Provide onsite volunteers:
  • Providing Spay and Neuter Vouchers
  • Providing low-cost, free vaccinations and microchips
  • Educating the Community

Your donation to Friends of the Little Elm Animal Shelter can make a significant impact on the lives of animals in our community. With your help, we can continue to improve the shelter facilities, provide critical support to animals in need, and promote responsible pet ownership.